Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#OOTD | One Stripped Dress, Many Ways to Wear It

I am a dress and skirts kinda gal at work. I only actually own one pair of work pants (though I do of course wear/own plenty of jeans). And when it comes to dresses, I like structure, I like tailoring, and I like good fit. That's why this dress is definitely one of my favorites, and why I have a similar dress from different brands in different colors but all with the same cut! 

In the past, I would have always said that it's a no-sleeve dress and therefore it needs either a cardigan or a blazer to top it off. But the new me thinks differently. The new me thinks LAYERING! So in the past month or so I tried this dress layered two different ways. Both have been hits at the office! 

Dress | Calvin Klein (purchased @ TJ Maxx)
Black long sleeve shirt | J Crew 
Pearls (3 strands) | Herberger's
Animal print shoes | White House Black Market (Marshalls)
Red checkered shirt | J Crew
Sparkly black necklace | J Crew 
Black heels | Guess 

Disclaimer: Those shoes are the SINGLE animal print item I own in my whole wardrobe. I am not typically a fan. And let me tell you, they may be pretty, but they are hella stiff and uncomfortable. I only wear those to the office when I have a day without too many meetings so I don't have to walk too much in them. The things we do for style .... 

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